Kenny Ballentine with daughter, Emerald at White House screening of "Estamos Aquí" 2016
Kenny Ballentine
Hello. I'm an award-winning documentary filmmaker and commercial video producer. I'm also a consultant, entrepreneur and best of all, a father to four awesome kids! I'm a story teller. I tell stories to my kids, I tell stories with my films and I help businesses and organizations tell their own unique stories and empower them to share their messages with the world. I'd love to work with you and see what kind of stories we can tell together!
Award Winning Documentaries 
Estamos Aquí
Premiered at The White House as part of the Obama Administration's observance of Hispanic Heritage Month in September 2016.
Nature Kids
Winner at the Yosemite International Film Festival and has screened in over 30 countries and 200 schools. 
Driven by the Sound
Winner at The Paso Robles Film Festival, The Westwood Film Festival, and the Park City Film and Music Festival.
Lendi is a mobile app that helps people lend and borrow stuff
that would otherwise be collecting dust.
Co-Created by Gavin Fish and Kenny Ballentine
Kármán Line Studios
Kármán Line Studios is a creative collaboration of three award winning filmmakers, Kenny Ballentine, DeVaughn Keys, and Taylor Schofield. One branch of the studio offers high end product videography, while the other branch is the home of more artists endeavors, such as documentary and narrative films, and podcasts. 
Copyright 2018 Kenny Ballentine Productions
Copyright 2018 Kenny Ballentine Productions